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Research in Learning Technology - Vol 22 (2014)

Research in Learning Technology - Vol 22 (2014)

Table of Contents

A portal of educational resources: providing evidence for matching pedagogy with technology
Nicoletta Di Blas, Alessandro Fiore, Luca Mainetti, Roberto Vergallo, Paolo Paolini

Predictors of perceived importance and acceptance of digital delivery modes in higher education
Anne Mertens, Joachim Stöter, Olaf Zawacki-Richter

Defining a self-evaluation digital literacy framework for secondary educators: the DigiLit Leicester project
Richard Hall, Lucy Atkins, Josie Fraser

Mobile phone voting for participation and engagement in a large compulsory law course
Chad Habel, Matthew Stubbs

A collection of suggested electronic course templates for use in higher education
Jill W. Fresen, Robin K. Hill, Fawei Geng

English as a foreign language—teachers’ perspectives on implementing online instruction in the Iranian EFL context
Reza Dashtestani

Keep taking the tablets? Assessing the use of tablet devices in learning and teaching activities in the Further Education sector
Khristin Fabian, Donald MacLean

Facebook levels the playing field: Dyslexic students learning through digital literacies
Owen Barden

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