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International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning - Volume 15, Number 2

Table of Contents


Editorial: Volume 15, Number 2 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Rory McGreal  

Research Articles

Mass customization of education by an institution of HE: What can we learn from industry? HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Robert Schuwer, Rob Kusters  
A path analysis of educator perceptions of open educational resources using the technology acceptance model HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Hope Kelly  
Investigating perceived barriers to the use of open educational resources in higher education in Tanzania HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Joel S. Mtebe, Roope Raisamo  
Cost-savings achieved in two semesters through the adoption of open educational resources HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
John Levi Hilton III, T. Jared Robinson, David Wiley, J. Dale Ackerman  
Investigating MOOCs through blog mining HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Yong Chen  
Monetizing French distance education: A field enquiry on higher education value(s) HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Olivier Marty  
A framework for interaction and cognitive engagement in connectivist learning contexts HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Zhijun Wang, Li Chen, Terry Anderson  
Designing online interaction to address disciplinary competencies: A cross-country comparison of faculty perspectives HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Elena Barberà, Ludmila Layne, Charlotte N. Gunawardena  
An elaborated model of student support to allow for gender considerations in Asian distance education HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Insung Jung, Seongyoun Hong  
Blending online asynchronous and synchronous learning HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Lisa C. Yamagata-Lynch  
Is blended e-learning as measured by an achievement test and self-assessment better than traditional classroom learning for vocational high school students? HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Chi-Cheng Chang, Kuen-Ming Shu, Chaoyun Liang, Ju-Shih Tseng, Yu-Sheng Hsu  
Neither the frying pan nor the fire: In search of a balanced authentic e-learning design through an educational design research process HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Hanna Teräs, Jan Herrington  
Mobile cloud learning for higher education: A case study of Moodle in the cloud HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Minjuan Wang, Yong Chen, Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan  

Research Notes

Massive online obsessive compulsion: What are they saying out there about the latest phenomenon in higher education? HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Vera L B Dolan  

Book Notes

The architecture of productive learning networks by Lucila Carvalho and Peter Goodyear HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Terry Anderson

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