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European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning

 European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, 2012, II



 Web 2.0 and Higher Education: Its educational use in the University Environment
Raúl Santiago Campión, Fermín Navaridas Nalda, Antonio Medina Rivilla
Date of publication: 18.12.2012
Tags: web 2.0, emerging technologies, high education, teachers adoption, teachers role, decomposed theory of planned behaviour
Open Textbooks and Increased Student Access and Outcomes
Andrew Feldstein, Mirta Martin, Amy Hudson, Kiara Warren, John Hilton III, David Wiley
Date of publication: 17.12.2012
Tags: open textbook, digital textbook
Illuminating the Importance of Learning Interaction to Open Distance Learning (ODL) Success: A Qualitative Perspectives of Adult Learners in Perlis, Malaysia
Hisham Dzakiria
Date of publication: 28.11.2012
Tags: interaction, learning interactivity, open distance learning, learning interaction triads, adult learners
Financial Operations of Distance Education and Campus-Based Education: A Zambian Case
Anna Bucheba Chakupalesa, Santosh Panda
Date of publication: 18.10.2012
Tags: Financing of education, funding of distance education, funding of campus education, comparative study of distance and campus education, distance education, Zambia
The Impact of Professional Learning on the Teaching Identities of Higher Education Lecturers
Jacqueline-Aundrée Baxter
Date of publication: 15.10.2012
Tags: higher education
The Freshers' Week Experience in a VLE: Can it be achieved?
Yvette Winnard, Vicki Elliott
Date of publication: 12.10.2012
Tags: Student Induction; Online Induction; Distance learning; Student Experience
Learning technology through three generations of technology enhanced distance education pedagogy
Terry Anderson, Jon Dron
Date of publication: 13.09.2012
Tags: distance education pedagogy, distance education technology, generational change, cognitive-behaviourist pedagogy, constructivist models, connectivist pedagogy
Learning Design Implementation for Distance e-Learning: Blending Rapid e-Learning Techniques with Activity-based Pedagogies to Design and Implement a Socio-constructivist Environment
Mohammad Issack Santally, Yousra Rajabalee, Dorothy Cooshna-Naik
Date of publication: 30.07.2012
MOOCs and the AI-Stanford like Courses: Two Successful and Distinct Course Formats for Massive Open Online Courses
C. Osvaldo Rodriguez
Date of publication: 05.07.2012
Tags: Massive Open Online Course, MOOC, Distance Education Pedagogy
Influence of Learning Styles on Graphical User Interface Preferences for e-Learners
Velimir Dedić, Suzana Marković
Date of publication: 05.07.2012
Tags: learning style, graphical user interface, e-learning, LSI

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