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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning - Vol 9, No 3 (2014)


Table of Contents

How To Design a Mobile Application to Enhance Teaching and Learning?
Dothang Truong pp. 4-11

Adding Social Elements to Game-Based Learning
Chien-Hung Lai, Yu-Chang Lin, Bin-Shyan Jong, Yen-Teh Hsia pp. 12-15

An Ontology-based Profile for Learner Representation in Learning Networks
Kalthoum Rezgui, Hédia Mhiri, Khaled Ghédira pp. 16-25

Multimedia Based E-learning : Design and Integration of Multimedia Content in E-learning
Abdulaziz Omar Alsadhan, Sami Alhomod, Mohd Mudasir Shafi pp. 26-30

Students' Perceptions of E-learning at the University of Jordan
Tamara Almarabeh pp. 31-35

An Open Learning Environment for the Diagnosis, Assistance and Evaluation of Students Based on Artificial Intelligence
Maria Samarakou, Andreas Papadakis, Emmanouil D Fylladitakis, Antonios Hatziapostolou, Grammatiki Tsaganou, Wolf Gerrit Früh pp. 36-44

Building E-learning Content Repositories to Support Content Reusability
Jacek Marciniak pp. 45-52

Short Papers

New English Teaching Mode in Colleges
Yanmei Song pp. 53-54

Using SPRT+ to Reduce Measure Time on Student Learning Efficiency by Pre-defined Student's Confidence Indicator
Chien-Hung Lai, Tsung-Po Lee, Bin-Shyan Jong, Yen-Teh Hsia pp. 55-58

Teaching Model Innovation of Production Operation Management Engaging in ERP Sandbox Simulation
Tinggui Chen pp. 59-63

Exploring the Impact of Perceived Teaching Style on Behavioral Intention toward Moodle Reading System
Peng-Chun Lin, Hsin-Ke Lu, Shu-Mai Fan pp. 64-67


Research on the Design Mode of Web Course of Track & Field in Physical Education in College
Weiliang Lin, Tao Li pp. 68-72

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