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The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning - Vol 15 No.4

Vol 15, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Volume 15, Number 4HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Rory McGreal

Research Articles

An investigation into social learning activities by practitioners in open educational practicesHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Bieke Schreurs, Antoine Van den Beemt, Fleur Prinsen, Gabi Witthaus, Grainne Conole, Maarten de Laat
Learners’ views regarding the use of social networking sites in distance learningHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Büşra Özmen, Bünyamin Atıcı
Diving into Lake Devo: Modes of representation and means of interaction and reflection in online role-playHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Linda Koechli, Maureen Glynn
Using wikis for online group projects: Student and tutor perspectivesHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Karen Kear, Helen Donelan, Judith Williams
Considering high school students’ experience in asynchronous and synchronous distance learning environments: QoE prediction modelHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Toni Malinovski, Marina Vasileva, Tatjana Vasileva-Stojanovska, Vladimir Trajkovik
To enhance collaborative learning and practice network knowledge with a virtualization laboratory and online synchronous discussionHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Wu-Yuin Hwang, Chaknarin Kongcharoen, Gheorghita Ghinea
Crowdteaching: Supporting teaching as designing in collective intelligence communitiesHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Mimi Recker, Min Yuan, Lei Ye
Analyzing the effect of learning styles and study habits of distance learners on learning performances: A case of an introductory programming courseHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Ünal Çakıroğlu
An investigation into the management of online teaching and learning spaces: A case study involving graduate research studentsHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Rohan Jowallah
Two perspectives on e-learning design: A synopsis of a U.S. and a European analysisHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Stefanie A. Hillen, Melodee Landis
Towards development of OER derived custom-built open textbooks: A baseline survey of university teachers at the University of the South PacificHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Deepak Prasad, Tsuyoshi Usagawa
Characteristics and activities of teachers on distance learning programs that affect their ratingsHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Svetlana M. Stanišić Stojić, Gordana Dobrijević, Nemanja Stanišić, Nenad Stanić
Learning in an introductory physics MOOC: All cohorts learn equally, including an on-campus classHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Kimberly F Colvin, John Champaign, Alwina Liu, Qian Zhou, Colin Fredericks, David E Pritchard
Analytics to literacies: The development of a learning analytics framework for multiliteracies assessmentHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Shane Dawson, George Siemens
Educational triage in open distance learning: Walking a moral tightropeHTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Paul Prinsloo, Sharon Slade

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