viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

Importance of expressing study limitations

Versión en inglés de la entrada "Importancia de expresar las limitaciones del estudio"
en el blog Escuela de Autores de la Revista Comunicar: Importance of expressing study limitations

Expressing the limitations of the study is a task that many times, especially by novice researchers, tend to be avoided. Many think that the limitations detract from the research carried out over a long time and a lot of effort. However, it is quite the opposite, expressing the limitations of a study gives more validity and rigor to the research process developed.
When the authors explain and comment on the limitations of their study, they show greater mastery of the characteristics of the population or phenomenon evaluated, the methodology and instruments applied, the scope of the results obtained and the theoretical and investigative body that are part of the antecedents of The research carried out, that is, that far from demerit the findings obtained gives them added value of rigor and validity. LEER

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